First meeting report-back

The DNA Interest Group for Scotland held its first meeting in January 2014, and in a packed programme heard several interesting reports on projects with a Scottish interest, and the participants talked about the many ways that a forum like this could help them with their interests.  Some people had travelled quite far for the meeting, from Staffordshire, Aberdeen and Ireland, so it was tremendous to see that degree of interest.

A number of other project coordinators had contacted the organisers before the day to say they were not able to make it to the meeting – often because they were even further away, in other continents!  Some of them sent short written reports on their projects, so shortly we will make some of the presentations from the meeting and written reports available to members of the group.

For now here is a summary of the inaugural meeting which you can download from the link below.  Apologies for the slight delay in posting this, but both organisers plead having been unusually busy in the time since the meeting.  If anyone has any comments or enquiries – or if you think we have misquoted you – please contact us via . Plans are being made for a second group meeting during the spring, so watch this space.



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