DNA workshops at WDYTYA Live 2014

Who Do You Think You Are Live 2014 has just opened up a YouTube channel with videos of some of the workshops that were given last week.  Top of the bill is our own Alasdair Macdonald discussing Scottish DNA research.  The channel can be found at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7HQSiSkiy7ujlkgQER1FYw?feature=watch and it will be worth revisiting as more presentations are likely to be uploaded there.

The workshops this year covered a wide range of subjects from the basics of using DNA in family history research, extended reports on established surname projects, and talks on deep ancestry.  In the latter area, Jean Manco (writer of Ancestral Journeys) and Mike Hammer both showed evidence that the R (R1b and R1a) lineages may have emerged far further east in Asia and entered Europe more recently than than previously thought, and largely replaced the previously existing (male) populations. There was robust discussion on how violent and bloodthirsty this population replacement may have been.  Presentations from Mike Hammer and Andy Grierson also showed how the next version of the haplogroup tree is going to be much more complex and bushy than before due to recent advances in DNA research.  And at the family history end of the scale, informative and interesting presentations from Debbie Kennett, Chris Pomery, Geoff Swinfield and others showed what the technique can offer to different types of family or surname projects.

Definitely worth keeping an eye on this channel as more of the talks are added from last week’s show.


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